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Instyle Hair and Beauty was founded in 1995 by Beatrice Morton. Beatrice Morton immigrated to Sweden from Accra, Ghana in the early 1980's to find that there were hardly any hair or beauty products for diverse ethnicities in Malmo, Sweden.

With a prominent background in hair care from attending hair dressing school in Accra, Beatrice was determined to do something about the lack of various hair and beauty products in Sweden. As time went by immigration and multiplicity was flourishing in the city of Malmo with people from all parts of the world.

Today, Instyle Hair and Beauty is the leading supplier of quality hair and skin care products in Sweden. Located in the heart of Malmo city; the most diverse city in Sweden where all colors and cultures meet. Beatrice's personal motto is: “do it well or don't do it at all.” In other words, Beatrice had an immense focus on providing quality products for all of her customers.

Instyle Hair and Beauty is more than a store, it’s a powerhouse consisting of skilled beauticians, hair dressers and nail specialists that are ready and willing to make everyone feel and “Be Beautiful.”

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